Trainwrecks win big at 4th Annual Mayday Mayhem

The Trainwrecks made the trip to Loveland, Colorado last weekend to take part of the 4th Annual Mayday Mayhem, hosted by Slaughterhouse Derby Girls. The team has been working hard all season and was successful in taking first place. Last year they took 2nd, and they claimed 3rd the year before that.  Nice progression ladies!

May 9th-11th Mayday Mayhem
Loveland, CO
JCRD (270) vs Nidaros Roller Derby (103)
JCRD (284) vs Pueblo Derby Dames (53)
JCRD (337) vs Babe City Rollers(36)
JCRD (229) vs Ark Valley High Rollers(48)
JCRD (211) vs Slaughterhouse Derby Girls (43)


Total points scored by JCRD @ MayDay = 1,331
Total points scored by teams played = 283

(more fun facts to come as stats are released)

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