Mission Statement

Junction City Roller Derby (JCRD) is an all-volunteer flat-track roller derby league located in Ogden, Utah. We focus on furthering the sport of roller derby by giving members the training and knowledge needed to compete, and the opportunity to showcase their talent within our community and beyond. JCRD encourages fitness and friendly competition, providing members with a positive and constructive environment that promotes athleticism, dedication, teamwork, and friendship. Each member of JCRD shares in the responsibility of the league’s success.


The Junction City Roller Dolls were founded in 2008 by a handful of committed skaters determined to bring roller derby to Ogden, Utah. The league’s name, team names, and themes were selected to reflect Ogden’s history as the railroad junction of west. In 2011, JCRD was accepted into the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).

Name Change and Rebrand

In 2021, the league changed its name to Junction City Roller Derby in an effort to better reflect the roller derby community and league members. We are currently in the process of rebranding our logo and merchandise.


Junction City Roller Derby is made up of two travel teams: Trainwrecks and LOCO-motives.  The Trainwrecks are JCRD’s all-star travel team. They compete against teams from other WFTDA leagues, with the goal of advancing in international rankings and qualifying for playoffs. The LOCO-Motives are JCRD’s “B” team. The LOCO-Motives provide opportunities for all JCRD skaters to learn in a supportive atmosphere, build their skills, and compete. In addition to travel teams, JCRD also has two home teams, the Hilltop Aces and the Railway Bandits.


March 1, 2011  The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) is proud to announce the acceptance of the Junction City Roller Dolls as a member of the national governing body for women’s amateur flat track roller derby in the U.S.

As a member of the WFTDA, Junction City Roller Dolls joins the ranks of 234 all-female, skater owned and operated leagues nationwide that have united to lead the growing sport of women’s flat track roller derby.  WFTDA member leagues engage in sanctioned inter-league play, including regional and national tournaments.  Junction City Roller Dolls are a Class A member league, ranked in Division 3.



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