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If you would like to drop in and see for yourself, fill out this contact form, or email in advance.

*Please read this page and the Fresh Meat FAQ before contacting the fresh meat program!

Days: Monday and Wednesday (schedule is subject to change).

Time: 7pm on Mondays, 7pm on Wednesdays.

Place: Golden Spike Arena Exhibit Hall. 1000 North 1200 West in Ogden.

Who can try out?

Drop-ins and try outs are closed to the public. This means no besties, boyfriends, parents or other guests (unless they are trying out too). They can come see you in all of your roller derby glory once you have your first bout!

You must be female and age 18+ to play (but guys can definitely get involved as officials and volunteers!)

Do I have to be an advanced skater?

No. You need basic skating skills but we will train you from there. If you’re a bit rusty, brush up by going skating a few times before tryouts. See our Fresh Meat FAQ for more details!

What equipment is required?

Nothing is required to attend a drop-in. Once you join our fresh meat program, you will need to purchase your own roller skates (standard quad skates, not inlines) and protective gear (helmet, knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, mouth guard).

Already have roller derby experience? You don’t need to wait for open tryouts. Contact us at to set up an assessment.

Don’t want to be a skater?

JCRD is always looking for extra help! If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a Coach, Referee, Announcer, EMT, etc:

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