Fresh Meat FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Considering being a roller girl? Want to go through the fresh meat program? This information will explain how to get started with JCRD!

 I want to play, but I’m nervous!  What is it like to try out?

We offer a friendly and encouraging atmosphere to learn to skate and play roller derby.  Yes, you will fall, but you will get back up and keep going–and we will teach you the skills necessary to fall less, hit more, and have fun. Read this!

 What is the fresh meat program?

The program is a chance for you to learn how to skate and how to play derby. We will teach you the skills needed to do both. Most participants “graduate” from the program within 60 days, some are done in 30 and others in 90. The program is self-paced.

 While we can teach skills, we cannot teach you motivation and attitude. The key to success is to try, never say, “I can’t,” have fun, keep trying, ask for help, practice, have fun, practice, try, laugh at yourself, don’t be afraid to fall, practice, and have fun!

 What does it cost to try out?

The fee is $25 for your first month “tryout period.” If at the end of the first month you wish to continue and graduate through your minimum derby skills to be eligible to play in bouts, you will need to pay for WFTDA insurance (because we are a WFTDA league), which is $60 for the year. You will also start paying monthly dues, which are $30/month. Dues are used to cover rental fees for our practice and bout facility.

 What is WFTDA?

Check out to see what “being a WFTDA league” means and to start getting familiar with the rules of the sport. A handy rules quiz is available at:

 What equipment do I need?

Mouthguard, skates, helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads, and a positive can-do-attitude! We skate on polished concrete, which is slick. You’ll want to invest in the right wheels to maximize your experience! Good options include: Atom Poisons, Radar Ghosts, Radar Phantoms, Radar Shadows, Bones Zebras, Sure-Grip Sweet n’ Lows … but your best bet for getting good gear is to come to a drop-in before you try out to get more information from skaters.

 JCRD has several online derby shops as sponsors. If you want to buy from a store where you can try on gear first, the SkateNow Shop in Salt Lake City has a selection of derby-appropriate skates, wheels, and protective gear:

 When and where are practices?

We practice twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday nights. Fresh meat are required to attend Wednesday night practices, from 7- 8 pm. Fresh meat can stay until 10 pm and practice on their own or watch our league practice. Once you have passed a basic skills test, you are allowed to participate in Monday practices with the league. After you pass a full skills test, you graduate to league membership and attend practices both nights of the week (8-10 pm Mondays and 7-10 pm Wednesdays).

 Practices are held at Ogden’s Golden Spike Events Center in the exhibit hall, or at Classic Fun Center in Layton when Golden Spike isn’t available.

 Sign me up! When can I go?

RSVP for a drop in, see: Skate with JCRD 

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