Mayhem Miller

Name: Mayhem Miller

Number: #253

Position: Jammer/League Comedian

Hometown: Bluewater, N.M.

Age: 27

Theme song: “Party Hard” by Andrew W.K.

Years in derby/with JCRD: 9 years

Why I play roller derby: I started skating with JCRD in 2010 as a way to take back my health back after beating a pancreatic cancer diagnosis in 2007. I “retired” back in 2017 but decided to come back this year to help share my knowledge and love for a sport that saved my life!

Favorite derby memory: In 2014 JCRD went to play 2 back-to-back games against both Cherry City and Lava City in Oregon. We were outranked by ~20 spots AND, because we were all strapped for cash, only 8 of us could make it to these games. Welp, we showed up and showed OUT by sweeping both teams and winning each game despite the odds. By the end of the weekend fans and skaters were referring to us as, “The Crazy 8s.”