Name: TruRebel

Number: #2

Position: Pivot

Hometown: South Ogden

Age: 31

Years in derby/with JCRD: 3 years

Theme song: “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys

Why I play roller derby: It started because I needed a better approach to physical fitness other than a gym membership. Never felt comfortable at a gym. I get a full work out, and push myself to do things I haven’t done before. It helps me improve on myself physically and mentally. I’m a different person on the track. I’m confident and take risks. I also have a larger group of friends that extends to other leagues in the derby community.

Favorite derby memory: I participated in our first Valhalla tail skate with the impression it was only 13 miles. 11 miles in, looking forward to the end, I was told it was actually 26 miles. I already felt fatigued. But I completed it and felt very accomplished!